We are thrilled that Professor Otto Wackenhammer (a.k.a. Joe Bondaryk) will be exhibiting his steampunk creations at the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire.   Professor Wackenhammer has just purchased the carousel property on Main Street in Hyannis and plans to create a steampunk arcade called Wackenhammer’s Clockwork Arcade.   The Barnstable Patriot recently did a nice write-up about his venture here.   Here are some of his amazing creations:

Gyropescanator:  This is a project that spins the user around in place when he/she pedals.  It’s used both on its own, and in a game where you wear an antique boxing helmet fitted with a hook to snag target rings while you gyrate.  This is a stick-welded project assembled from a floor jack, differential from a lawn mower, tractor seat, kids’ bicycle (parts) and surplus sprockets/gear, and stock metal.


MorseTeacher:  This is a BeagleBone based game interfaced directly to a set of buttons, lights, servo motors and an antique telegraph keypad and sounder.  The servos spin the 3 disks to various letters, making short words. The computer then demonstrates the letters on the sounder 3 times before the player is given a chance to imitate the code


Photos credited to Wackenhammer’s Clockwork Arcade and Cape Cod Carousel, 541 Main St, Hyannis.

Here is a description of his exhibit in his words: “The celebrated Professor Otto Wackenhammer announces a set of new and unique training devices (“games”) developed to test the cognitive agility and manual dexterity of aspiring Aerogyro pilots.  These games are now being employed to identify promising candidates for the soon-to-be-illustrious 3rd Aerogyro Squadron (“The Truculent Crows”) that will counter the ever increasing enemy Zeppelin threat.  Enthusiastic aspirants should report to the testing area where their eligibility will be assessed.  Compulsory military service is guaranteed to exceptional performers!  There are NO age / gender limits.  Testing is FREE of charge.”

This ought to be FUN!

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