We are very pleased that Chad Mathrani of Vermont Natural Homes will be exhibiting his work with natural building.  Chad says,

“Natural building is a method of building that is sustainable and healthy for the environment, the builders, and the homes’ inhabitants. Materials used in natural building include wood, stone, straw, fiber, lime, earth pigments and clay, and methods look to historic ways of building with a modern twist. The emerging field of building science allows us to take data on natural buildings and to analyze their performance. When we apply science to building with natural materials, the result is durable, energy-efficient and beautiful homes that perform as well as or better than conventional construction.

Unlike in conventional construction, in natural building the homeowners, and even children, are often involved in the process. It is much safer because the materials are not toxic, and it can be an empowering and fun experience for all.”

Chad’s exhibit will show the processes of

  • building with straw bales
  • creating earthen floors
  • hand plastering walls with lime and clay plasters
  • using natural, non-toxic pigments in lime washes and clay
  • timber framing with hand tools

He will display samples of natural, green and conventional building materials for Faire goers to examine and ask questions about. He’ll also provide cross-sections of a wood chip clay wall and a straw bale wall, as well as some hand tools, for participants to see.

For more information, please visit vermontnaturalhomes.com.

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