Have you ever wanted to learn to shape your own surfboard?  We are delighted that Shawn Vecchione, expert surfer and master surfboard shaper, will be joining us at the Faire.   He is the owner of Vec Surfboards in Orleans, which includes an onsite shaping room where he helps surfers design and create custom boards by choosing the style, design, and custom graphics.    His boards vary depending on where the fins are placed, the size of the waves that will be surfed, and the height and the gender of the surfer.

Shawn is dedicated to sharing the art of hand-shaping with the next generation of surfers.   At the Faire, Shawn will demonstrate shaping techniques and answer any questions that you might have about surfing, including what you need to do to surf on Cape Cod through the invigorating winter months when the waves are high.  (Our guess:  wetsuit + layers + a whole lot of grit!)


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