Do you have boxes upon of old business cards that you just can’t bear to throw out? Maybe you got hundres of fancy new cards with thick paper and embossed type, only to use ten or fifteen of them? Bring them to the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire and learn how to turn them into one-of-a-kind sculptures!

I’m Zev Eisenberg, a maker and app developer from Maine, now living in Boston. I learned this simple method of linking six business cards into a cube when I attended an origami convention in Charlotte, NC as a child. You can join the cubes together without glue or tape, and sculpt them into any shape you want. It’s like Minecraft for the real world.

While tending the Cape Cod Makers booth at the Maker Faire in New York last year, I worked with other makers to build a replica of the Make Magazine robotic mascot* out of 1,308 business cards:
Robot built out of 1,308 business cards.

I will have business cards available at the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire, but the real fun is in repurposing your own old cards to make something new. I can teach you the basics, and then I encourage you to go home and build something amazing. It’s a perfect activity for the whole family. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Visit the project page for more information and instructions on how to DIY:

I will also be exhibiting my Video Camera Juggling Clubs. Not recommended if you get dizzy easily!

* I am not affiliated with Make Magazine. Their robot seemed like a fun project at the time, but was probably not the wisest choice.
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