We are excited to welcome the creators of Haser, the personal robot heater!

Here’s their description of their project:

“Haser is an energy-efficient Personal Robot Heater that focuses as narrow beam of safe radiant (infrared) heat on just you, from up to 15 ft away, wherever you are, even if you move. For this, it uses It uses AI (machine vision) on an Android tablet, a camera, an Arduino and servos. It does not heat empty spaces, walls or ceilings, so you can set your thermostat low, save energy and still keep comfortably warm. It’s controlled using gestures from even 10 ft away (wave at it to turn it on). It also responds to voice commands. Multiple Hasers form a mesh network and can heat several people simultaneously. It has multiple applications – from heating homes to factories, warehouses, restaurants, hospitals and more.”


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