How do you foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship? How do you attract and retain talent in your local workforce? Incubators, accelerators, makerspaces, and coworking: these collaborative workspaces provide valuable resources to potential startups in the rapidly growing innovation ecosystem.

We are so pleased that members of the Framingham Makerspace will be joining us to share some of their experiences getting their brand-new space up and running. Their space contains equipment ranging from a glass grinder, to 3D printers, to electronics equipment, to sewing machines, to metalworking and woodworking equipment. They even have a welding shop!  For more information about the new space, check out this article.

Makerspaces have been described as “evolving hotbeds of innovation.” With access to space, tools, classes, and experts, these collaborative workspaces allow anyone to take ideas from concept to reality. We wish the Framingham Makers continued success as they move forward!


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