Arduino-Based Rover Robot by Hal Brown

We are very happy to welcome back the CCCC Engineering department to the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire.    Engineering Professor Rick Bsharah and his students will be demonstrating projects with topics ranging from 3D printing to robotics to electronics.


DIY 3D Printer by Hal Brown

The CCCC Engineering program offers certificates in engineering technology, engineering product design, robotics and manufacturing automation, green engineering, and engineering innovation and entrepreneurship.

One popular course has been ENR 102, 3D Mechanical Design 1, an introductory course for students interested in exploring careers as engineers, architects, and designers.  In the course, principles associated with 3D design, visualization, documentation, and product simulation are taught through hands-on use of SolidWorks Computer Aided Design (CAD) modeling software. Then, student-designed parts are fabricated in a 3D printer, giving them insights into the design-to-manufacturing process.

Building a mechanical hand is the final project for the course.    The designs created could be the basis of low-cost alternatives to prosthetic hands that normally cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Inspiring!

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