We are delighted that Mashpee High School’s Technology Department will be returning to the Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire.     Mashpee High School has made a name for itself as a leader in technology education here on the Cape, with students working on complex projects using professional-level software and equipment.

This year, faculty and students will be presenting their augmented reality projects.   Augmented reality (AR) blurs the line between what’s real and what’s computer generated by overlaying digitally-created information onto the real- world environment. AR has enormous potential in a variety of fields.     For example, in the travel industry, visitors to a city might wear video-glasses and earphones which use augmented reality to recreate historical events and help them understand the origins of a particular landmark or cultural site.    In healthcare, AR medical applications are already being developed that allow students to have a better understanding of the human body and how it functions by overlaying digital information in the form of video, audio or 3D models onto the human body.  The military is developing a Google-Glass-like augmented reality system designed for the battlefield which allows commanders to send maps and other information directly into the soldier’s field of vision.

The students have been working on some amazing augmented reality projects.  Check out the video below where students demonstrate their AR projects.

Not only will students be demonstrating their AR projects, they will be showing the cribbage board projects that they’ve designed and are selling in Mashpee Commons.  According to this press release in the Cape and Plymouth Business Magazine, this partnership will allow “students [to] have a first-hand look at how local, hand-made, innovative products are marketed and sold on Cape Cod.”

It is truly inspiring to see what innovative faculty and engaged students can accomplish together!  To learn more about this amazing program, visit http://www.mashpeetech.com/

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