highres_448004288There has been a lot going on at the Framingham Makerspace since they exhibited at last year’s Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire.  The Framingham Makerspace officially opened its doors to an enthusiastic public this past July and provides community, shared tools and a workspace which encourages and enables members to build their dreams while also being a resource to the community at large.

They’ve been offering some super-cool classes, including

  • Constructing a Hexayurt–a simplified disaster relief shelter
  • Building Boffer Weapons–padded mock weapons used for simulated handheld combat
  • Live Action Role Play Combat
  • Exploring Digital Luminescence–playing with LED’s and digital light projects
  • Code Together workshops—coding for all levels
  • Raspberry Pi/Python programming workshops
  • Introduction to Knitting
  • Repousse Metal Working
  • LED Toys for Fire Spinners

The Framingham Makerspace members have always brought a variety of fascinating projects, and we look forward to seeing them this year at the Maker Faire!


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