One of the greatest things about the Maker Faire is that it focuses on the best that our community has to offer.  And contrary to what you might see when you watch TV or read the news, there are lots of smart, capable, and creative teenagers and young adults in our midst.  We’re fortunate to have some of them exhibiting their projects at this year’s Maker Faire.

Let’s focus on the positive by supporting and encouraging these young people, who are excellent role models for their peers.   Stop by their tables at the Maker Faire, learn about their projects, and be inspired by their enthusiasm!

Here’s just a sample of exhibits:

  • Jared’s Mars Robot–Jared integrated ultra-sonic, range-finding sensors and a digital compass to an Arduino microcontroller in order to provide his robot with the ability to autonomously navigate a Martian surface.
  • Michael and Cameron’s Arduino Weather StationThe Arduino Weather Station is a group of Arduino boards that can have sensors attached to collect weather data. It is battery-operated, a good class project, and it doesn’t cost much money to build. It would be mounted on a pole, where it is left to record data.
  • S.O.’s Special Effects Makeup–As a self-taught special effects (FX) makeup artist, S.O. has been using her creativity and passion for the performing arts to bring characters to life for years. Her artistry and talents have been recognized by local community members as well as social media.  She notes that makeup services are available for hire. This includes on stage productions, birthday parties, Halloween outings, special events, or even just scaring your parents!
  • Ciara’s ShopBot Projects–Ciara  works with a ShopBot CNC machine, laser engraver, lathe, and many computer programs to make her creations. She looks to Pinterest and woodworking magazines for most of her inspirations. After college, she hopes to buy a ShopBot and continue making amazing woodworking projects to sell.
  • Brooks Free Library Middle School Makers’ Foam-Based Cloud-Printing Machine
  • Mashpee Environmental Club’s Bird Boxes–Students are expanding their use of bird boxes to help control the occurrence of biting insects around recreational fields. At the Maker Faire, you can help them construct boxes or sponsor a box to help them cover the costs of construction material.



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