Aspiring fashion designer Emily M. with a hobo bag created from a retro t-shirt

We’re all bombarded by advertisements telling us to follow the latest trends and buy the latest fashions, but there is a much more affordable, environmentally-friendly way to create your own look.   Learn how to transform old clothes into fabulous fashions at the Cape Cod Swap-O-Rama-Rama!  When you attend the swap, bring at least one bag of your unwanted clothing to add to a giant collective pile of clothing, the unwanted clothing of all who attend. Then dive in and find your next new/used items from the pile. Take as little or as much clothing from this pile as you like–it’s all free.

After you choose your clothes, sit down at one of the sewing machines and learn to make modifications to transform your finds.  No sewing experience is required!  The Swap-o-Rama-Rama team is ready to help you create something fabulous and one-of-a-kind!


Crafting aprons from pairs of jeans with optional ruffle





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